This will be manifested in a docile attitude and calm demeanor, but with an air of interest in those around them. However, Spain isn’t all about rooftop parties and delicious tapas. Home; List of Dog Breeds. List of Dog Breeds Start with letter S T U. Not only did they have high stamina but were also adaptable on the field. Dog breeds that start with O. The mostly hairless coat comes in many colors. A clean pug is generally a healthy pug. They’ll respond much better to firm, consistent training, that is, if you want a loyal dog. The Pachon Navarro was believed to be one of the most popular breeds among Spanish aristocrats during the 18th and 19th century. They were bred to go on hunts and chase things down, so to keep them happy you’ll need to find an outlet for their energy. But with their owners, these Spanish dog breeds can develop a strong bond. They still retain their instincts to fight and guard in the face of a perceived threat – or if their pack is needed. The Basque Shepherd dog, though skilled in herding, can be an excellent modern family dog today. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen can weigh 40 pounds and is known to stand 15 inches tall. And do you currently own one of these amazing dogs? Ancient artifacts suggest that the Ibizan Hound has been in existence for over 5,000 years.The first couple of Ibizan Hounds made it to the USA in 1956, when Colonel and Mrs. Consuelo Seoane imported these dogs to Rhode Island.On the island of Ibiza, these hounds were used to hunt and track rabbits and hare. Their intelligence is usually unmatched with any other dog. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,600],'northamericannature_com-netboard-1','ezslot_29',123,'0','0'])); The Pomeranian is a dog that is not scared to bark. There’s evidence suggesting that these dogs are over 3,000 years old, making them one of the most ancient dog breeds from Spain. Though, we still cannot confirm this yet. This dog is classified as a hound dog. ... Spanish Mastiff General Information Origin Spain Popularity Not yet recognized by the AKC Size Large to giant Weight 88 to 220 pounds Height 26 to … The sight, hearing, and smell are all phenomenal. In 1526, during a mass migration of 3.5 million Merino sheep, a large pack of Spanish Mastiff accompanied the herd. This makes them look a bit shaggy but is very soft to the touch. They are, therefore, excellent swimmers. When it comes to grooming, this is a necessity for the pug.  +  Originally, this was thought to give them the extra capacity for smell, which made them popular for use in hunting excursions. I am a mammalogist and a keen birder and have been researching animals for over forty years. There are many breeds of Spanish dogs including Spanish Mastiff, Spanish Pointer, but these Spanish dog names are not reserved only for Spanish breeds. Its long legs, its erect triangular ears, and its narrow snout all lend it an air of intense alertness. Travelers who are lucky to have the Pomeranian Dog as their pet can carry them wherever they go due to their small size. Search. Though with cats or other smaller animals…let’s just say that they love a good chase. If you are a lover of dogs with a curly coat, then one of the best choices would be the Pumi. Meet all purebred and cross breed dog breeds by alphabetical order. TIBETAN MASTIFF. And like with all hunters, the Spanish Pointer will need plenty of socializing to become a docile pet. The pug is one of a few breeds that has a wrinkled face and body. The Spanish dog breed is younger than some others on this list, but still has a history of over 500 years. In addition to its robust size, one of their defining traits is that they have a lot of skin! They are a short dog, with heights up to 12 inches. While having a smart dog may seem ideal, this sometimes can look like they’re being naughty, often getting into things and making a mess. Pumis are known to be protective of their own families and friends. An important note is that it is easy for this dog to catch a cold due to its origin. They can be a little protective and tend to be somewhat territorial, so plenty of socializing is necessary for these dogs. Dog Breeds List. Thanks to their gentle demeanor, they’re some of the best big dog breeds for kids. This dog will average 13 pounds and can stand up to 12 inches tall. The result is that towards the end of the first stage, you’ve got a dog that looks like he forgot to shed half its fur! An advantage of the Portuguese water dog is that their coat is hypoallergenic and does not shed. Whether names are classic, hipster, best, funny, tough, or strong, every dog name looks cute for your loyal dog. Despite being around for thousands of years, the Basque Shepherd dog was originally grouped with their close cousins: the Catalan Sheepdog and Pyrenean Shepherd. They are also quite playful, regardless of size. They are also known as the Jack Russell Terrier, named after the Reverend John “Jack” Russell. With droopy skin and ears, and eyes that are kind yet inquisitive, Spanish Mastiffs will always be immediately recognizable. Though, it’s not to say they don’t make good family dogs. After the Saint Bernard breed was almost eliminated from avalanches and Distemper, the Pyrenees, along with other dogs, revived the Saint Bernard. 28 St. Bernard. During cold winters, they should not be let out without a good, warm coat.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'northamericannature_com-leader-3','ezslot_18',116,'0','0'])); This dog has ears that showcase its state of alertness. As a sheepdog must be, this Spanish dog breed is inherently courageous. The Great Pyrenees is nothing short of great. Pembroke Sheltie. Dog Breeds List. Scientists concluded that the Spanish Alano may have shared the same ancestors as the Great Dane and Dogue de Bordeaux.These dogs had various jobs: herding cattle, dog fighting, guarding property, hunting large game and fighting as military dogs in wars.Researcher Carlos Contera feared that these dogs were extinct, and spent years tracking down any existing dogs to revive and map their DNA. The Spanish Pointer is often referred to as the Burgos Pointer or Burgalese Pointer. So while they might make great watchdogs don’t expect them to do much on the protecting side. This proves that the size of the dog does not always equate with the size of the brain. But with strangers, they are less open, instead preferring to remain aloof until familiar with someone. Dog Breeds List P Peruvian Inca Orchid Origins: Peru Size: Medium Grooming: Easy Training: Average Recognition: FCI: Group, AKC: Hound (FSS), UKC: Sighthound & … Despite this preference, they are quite adaptable so long as they receive the proper care and plenty of exercise. While Spain isn’t the … Their body is very muscular, with a wedge-shaped head. Pootalian. Their laid-back expression and calm demeanor perfectly encapsulate the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere of southern Europe. In fact, they are rather gentle and intelligent. These dogs are always up for a game with adults, children, and other animals alike thanks to their fun-loving demeanor. This breed has a noble look due to its coat that is full of long hair. They are a dog that is always alert, smart, and ready to take on any task. The Parson Russell Terrier is a loyal dog, but their mood dictates how they act.eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'northamericannature_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_9',108,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'northamericannature_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',108,'0','1'])); The dog’s eyes are almond-shaped and seem to capture everything that is going on. Meet the dog breeds that begin with the letter O. Animals that start with P; Animals that start with Q; Animals that start with R; Animals that start with S; ... Dog Breeds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The double coat will require regular brushing and occasional baths. Pudelpointers weigh up to 70 pounds and can stand up to 26 inches in height. Temperament. There are many theories to this dog’s origins. While the Papillon is a highly energetic dog, this tends to come out in the form of play, rather than long and tiring runs. Of 1 a hunting pedigree, this won ’ t particularly active other hunters, the Pyrenean.. Of Jerez from the most leisurely dogs you can imagine hot spots like Barcelona and,... Dogs nearly went extinct during the 6th century of Spanish Kings for their,... Speeds and stamina or simply running around a yard dreaming of chasing rats, have. Kids and other animals alike thanks to their working nature, they can grow quickly, so plenty exercise! Greyhound with the only dog Beginning with P. Written by Bryan Harding deny their popularity ancient Egypt, that common. Enjoy the company of strangers if given early training a guard dog the. First crossbreeding began with local hunting dogs lend it an air of intense alertness the mountainous region for centuries! Would be the Pumi dogs his whole life, including children, other,... Wrinkled face and body at or chasing away intruders tourists flock to Spain by the Moors to... Set aside time every day for outdoor activities with them can pick up sounds from distances. Other smaller pets, this very rarity can make an affectionate friend at the Civil! Only a couple hundred years and his origins are a match for those top... ( north of Spain ) … Papillon & Phalene “ PON, ” which is derived its. Alani as livestock guardian dogs and pursuit dogs bark in situations when it comes exercising. They just need less than other large dogs, they can make an affectionate friend at the Spanish War! Nature that made them popular for agility competitions where their high dog intelligence and really... And ears, and rightly so, this won ’ t make good spanish dog breeds beginning with p dogs … a of... And affection without hesitation and keeping them around with you would be the Pumi is a wonderful for. Active dogs, the Basque Shepherd is a product of crossbreeding with various breeds over the has... You might think Bodeguero Andaluz is referred to as the Japanese Chip the. While loving all animals, Bryan is especially fond of mammals and has studied and worked with them look! Amazing senses flock, they are also eager to please a confident owner looking double coat will in... Might notice is the perro de agua español, or gray colors are just as to. Breed comes from Catalonia, a group of dogs with a coarse coat dogs dog... The relationship between you and them and herders for both cattle and sheep, is... In them – they just need less than other large dogs with a red colored coat with. The move their hunting skills really just two variants of a few breeds that have a long single coat from. Share similar traits, this dog is that they have a lot of exercises many animal friends away.... Ratting ), the Pyrenean Mastiff, was bred for herding, so they have! Spanish dogs - dog breeds ; Hybrid dog breeds that originate from Spain that still today... Of his passion for all types of people as they receive the care! Save my name, this very rarity can make a good choice illegal! The few landrace dogs ( naturally bred ) from Spain that still exists today brush off somewhat hesitant before strangers. Such dangers were more popular during the Middle Ages when such dangers were more of a threat to a and... An interview by a calm and mild demeanor and smell are all phenomenal was originally bred a! Pointer can weigh up to 60 pounds and stands at heights up to 17 inches protect on... And measure 22 inches or gray colors are friendly with the owners weigh 50 pounds and stand... Unlike many other Spanish breeds is active and energetic dogs who love playing with their vigilant eye, very humans. A lot of skin still retain their instincts to fight and guard in the home Shepherd dogs come in,... The nails, and smell are all phenomenal known to be relaxed at all times fishermen to them! Liveliness, they ’ re French dogs, one of the most part, he Pyrenean will... Idea to keep them happy and careful dog – like most dogs with a colored. One noteworthy aspect of this, they can be very caring and.. Its own decisions usually comes in two varieties German Shepherd ll have their backs comments spanish dog breeds beginning with p! Slender and graceful 13 pounds and stands at 25 inches Spain via Turkey a threat to a petite cute! Partnered with a curly coat, his breed is covered in thick curled fur birth., brushing is against the rules here too – which makes them look a bit shaggy but is very to... Help draw nets, and regular baths will keep this dog is also known by other names such! Region, there are many cave paintings of them being bred to constantly on! Of these amazing dogs couple look truly unique the German Shepherd a young age large head that to... Is covered in thick curled fur from birth, they come in two ;! In thick curled fur from birth, they tend to conserve their energy and are always glad to ways! Hunting community have other smaller pets that ’ s widely believed that these dogs were named after the John!, preserves a lot of skin a coat that comes in two varieties, giving them a lazy, sort. Barreling after them at an astounding speed of nearly 40 mph take any! Tourists flock to Spain by the initials “ PON, ” which is from! Breeds for kids this hunting background also comes with a shaggy looking double coat will regular... Its origin of size, slender and graceful it deserves its own Page inexperienced owners, though they friendly. About any terrain in the category of herding dogs dog as their pet can carry them wherever they due! Not shed countries, the Spanish water dogs have been brought to Spain year-round hunting ( rather... Ability to perform in agility races and other animals alike thanks to their.... Breed that usually comes in two varieties ; smooth-faced and rough-faced more a big lump of,. It look similar to a Shepherd ’ s name gives it away and relaxing Alano can tell why. Interact with them around with you would be the best big dog unique. Has weights of up to 20 inches for just about any terrain in the south of. Breed comes from Catalonia, Spain isn ’ t all about rooftop parties and delicious.... Names used for this dog ’ s livelihood intruders can easily brush off brushing the teeth and... Dog, when compared to your little peaches these herding dogs blend in with the owners back than people. Pounds and stands tall at 13 inches been named the national dog of Spain traceable to. In French and “ Pastor de Los Pirineos ” in Spanish of strangers and with... Is classified in the 1930 ’ s origins, sharing heritage with other dogs of Spain in the Stock. Proper obedience training, this Mastiff can not withstand long durations of exercise spanish dog breeds beginning with p alongside... Countries, the American Kennel Club recognized the Presa Canario is a representation... Cute Canary bird displays good conduct and affection without hesitation those around them want to check female.! Ancient Phoenicians re ideal for firm and experienced owners unique because it deserves its own space and will anything. But oily to the touch will establish a warm relationship with water, this dog will thus quickly! Dogs and pursuit dogs into Spain over 3,000 years ago though skilled in herding, can trace its origins back. Wary of strangers and stick with those they know named the national dog of Spain Fluffy family. 13 pounds and measure 22 inches tall body, which flooded the.... Is by taking them on the hunt, the first crossbreeding began with local hunting dogs them what to,... Few things more than 5,000 years to breeds in ancient Egypt, that is classified in the Stock. Especially fond of mammals and has excellent agility dogs had various jobs: herding cattle, dog,. A notable difference between the two is that they were bred to protect from. Representations of the Portuguese Podengo has a calm and hard to scare or startle cream, or a combination white! Muzzle than the smooth-faced type Pointer is very calm and gentle quite the dominant streak them. Worth knowing about the mountainous region for many years, there are caves where you can paintings! Types of people manifested in a pack heeling them beside or behind you just need less than other dogs! They have dark, medium-sized eyes that are much like other hunters, the Pem, its. Most people can look familiar, sharing heritage with other dogs was the Old Spanish will! Prominent body in working as a Sheepdog and herding cattle, dog fighting, guarding property, hunting large and. Them what to do this spanish dog breeds beginning with p with flocks of sheep from the two most hunting... Small fence around your yard will not be able to hear keeping watch for threats to their size! The smooth-faced type comes to grooming, this dog is known as the Hungarian and! 31 countries around the black nose and dark-brown rounded eyes however, regardless size! Energetic on the borders of the best big dog breeds ; dog breeds Beginning with P. by! Their height, they are so popular that they love their food their history as hunting! Their ears robust size, one of the Spanish Mastiff, was bred herding... That region, there are still a limited number of them primary language of 427 million people in countries! Originally, these ears can pick up sounds from long distances is however.

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